Soul Patrol - Tasters Choice [Sense Music]

Bongos, flutes, sax cuts and shuffley hi-hats. Everything in it’s right place.


Andrés DJ Set - Waxwerks, Leeds (September 2012)


For one reason or another, this disappeared from our Mixcloud not long after it was uploaded. We haven’t stopped listening to it since though…so we thought it’d only be fair to share the love once again!

On a Tuesday evening back in September 2012, Andrés laid down groove after groove to a packed Waxwerks, for just shy of four hours. Listen through once and you’ll just keep coming back to it, seriously special stuff.


Hessle Audio - The Final Ruffage Session


Hopefully some of you picked up the Dizzee Rascal & Slimzee mix we hosted a couple of months back. Well…we’ve dug another special one out of the archives.

Before their now weekly show on Rinse FM, Pearson Sound (then Ramadanman), Ben UFO and Pangaea held down a regular show on internet station Sub FM, called Ruffage.

And here for your entertainment is their 4-hour long, departing show from January 2010. It rolls through from the house formula the trio have become increasingly known for to the original dubstep sounds from which they came, with plenty of UK funky and garage treats along the way.

From Kev’s tardy arrival to Dave being called out by the chatroom for his ‘history lesson’…this is more than just any old mix. Dig in!

DOWNLOAD (right click & save as)


Eglo Records - The Story So Far…


Earlier this month, the funk & soul mandate of HiFi club was stretched beyond it’s usual tether as they welcomed the Eglo ‘band’.

Not many record labels - if any, for that matter - can claim their roster of artists are able to combine into anything more coesive than a collective of musicians with similar taste.

But, since 2008, that is exactly what Eglo have managed to achieve. I suppose you can’t go far wrong however, when headed up by one of Rinse’s finest selectors, Alexander Nut and notorious ‘record geek’ [the words of Mr Nut, not us] Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points.

As the label approaches it’s fourth birthday, Alexander & Fatima discuss how respect for the label has spawned from a terrible business model. Click the image for the video.

A peak inside John Peel’s secret box of 7”s

First aired in 2005, but again brought back to our attention in a recent posting by The Vinyl Factory.

When the late great Mr Peel passed, underneath his table sat a dusty box containing just shy of 150 records, all purposely separated from the rest of his collection.

This documentary sifts through them, guided by many of the figures that feature on the records within. Well worth an hour of your time. Here’s Part 1 to get you going…


Vic53 #32 - FINA Records

In little over two years, FINA Records have knocked out productions from a roster of artists that have garnered our support on the blog. Leif, Max Essa, Mic Newman to name a few - and most recently DFRNT.

The broadcast featured sets from Tom Taylor and label boss, Simon Morell. Check our interview with Simon here and then give his set below a whirl. It’s a treat.

Simon Morell



Vic53 #31 - Dilation showcase

Back in March we welcomed London up-starts Dilation.

Mr Norman, Phillip Sauvage and Wayward all came to demonstrate Dilation’s ‘come shake a leg’ mantra.Indeed, some legs were shaked.

Here’s Wayward’s set, whose productions have recently been sparking some attention…



Piracy & The Downturn (via FACT)


While one member of our Vic53 collective will soon be jetting off to the Adriatic coast to play at Echo Festival - another addition to Croatia’s myriad of electronic summer offerings - it brings about the question of why the British festival circuit no longer gets a look in.

According to a recent poll for Gigwise, the average age of the UK festival punter is now 35; A good decade older that the swarm of us that will flock the Croatian coastline in a few months time.

As the festival season approaches, FACT have conducted a little exploration into why festivals on home shores have become unaffordable, corporate and middle aged.

Read the full article HERE

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard Boiler Babe (ZE Records)

The phrase, “ahead of it’s time” is often used quite flippantly.

This shit was made in 1979.

Meet the Vinyl Pimp: Discogs biggest seller


Not through a devout allegiance with the format, but instead by way of chance and an opportunity to do something remotely more interesting than his string of ‘crappy jobs’; that’s how Man Hon Luk found himself to be Discogs’ biggest seller.

A Vinyl Pimp in every sense of the word, he has no time to get attached to records. A lack of sentiment that must only get easier when characters such as d-Bridge are dropping crates of records on your doorstep every so often.

The folk at The Daily Street trekked out to his physical store in Hackney Wick. Click the image above to read the full story.


One for the Queen

You may have noticed that we’ve not hosted a show for a while.

A number of different circumstances have rendered it time to give our broadcasting arm a little break. Be it university commitments, new jobs and departures from Leeds.

For the time being, whilst we refocus on what will be the next musical endeavour for the Vic53 brand, we’ll be putting our energies into keeping the blog updated.

When we say updated, we don’t mean in a frantic bid to keep up with the pace of the internet, but instead selectively sharing features and articles that are genuinely worth a read.

Until we embark on our next phase, here’s a mix from myself which builds to finish on track that christened my arrival to Leeds in 2008.


Sir Own - Hooked (Kons Nite Time remix) [Basic Fingers]

Fuzzy goodness on Basic Fingers.


Real Scenes: New York


So here’s the latest instalment of RA’s sterling series of mini documentaries.

New York’s a bit of a strange one. Having been the epicentre of hip-hop and disco culture and at certain points in time, it now occupies a position in contemporary electronic music that’s hard to define.

Watch any Boiler Room broadcast from New York and you’ll be presented with a smorgasbord of styles. What’s tough to understand is whether NY’s going through an identity crisis, or whether this is the time to start taking notice. As Francis Englehardt of Dope Jams points out, "usually, when something becomes cool, it’s over already".

There’s some hallmark New York attitudes in here, as well as some in-depth views from the A1 Records boss, which XLR8R recently covered in their Record Store Day feature. Click below to watch the video:


27.04 - System presents Marcel Dettmann & tINI

While little needs to be said about Dettmann the hitman, tINI remains a relatively undernourished name on this side of the continent.

Part of the Desolat family, her sensitively parred-down approach to the dancefloor is sure to provide a nice compliment to the darkness that will engulf the room in the later portions of the evening.

Click the flyer for info and tickets…


XLR8R ‘Record Store Day’ Feature

What with the swarms of content generated from global music publications doing their bit to fuel the hype machine running up to last weekend’s 7th annual world Record Store Day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But from all of last week’s features, XLR8R’s series which honed in on their favourite stores from around the globe gets our recommended reading. Despite documenting only three outlets so far, the stories run deep. Hopefully the series will continue to expand into a Lonely Planet’esque guide to record shopping around the world, and the glitzy photos will serve to remind us that these places deserve the support of their respective scenes all year round, not just when the hubbub boils over once a year.